DeFi Australia white-paper v0.1

A friend who works for the Reserve Bank of Australia said to me recently, “Finance is the worst part of the economy”.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is a field of financial services and products, which use blockchain as a source of trust when transacting, rather than centralised regulatory bodies (governments, banks, exchanges, insurance companies etc). Promises of an open future, permission-less collaboration and constant iteration have fuelled a movement of developers, traders and investors hoping to improve on the broken, centralised system.

Prepare for some serious changes

Decentralised, deadly and down-under

Meeting in the flesh still counts, even in a distributed decentralised multiverse

100% decentralisation is not the mission

Mental models and concerns from the front lines

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Here is a list of some of our favourite sources for good DeFi content:


The Defiant — Financial/trading newsletter newsletter for DeFi. Fun to read.

Podcasts: giving wise advice in an uncertain age.



Nugget’s News Youtube

Conversation between Australians involved in DeFi.