Without sounding like a Naval meme. Every time I learn a new mental model for an element of DeFi, I feel like I’ve just saved hours wading through white-papers, discord servers, podcasts, clubhouses — hours of linear learning.

Clubhouse has been the best shortcut for this. You get straight to the source. Founders and devs who think about one problem all day every day.

So, rather than producing yet another series of AMAs and summaries, we will be interviewing heads from the DeFi space in a clubhouse-style conversational format and producing concise outputs: mental models.

In starting DeFi Australia our…

A friend who works for the Reserve Bank of Australia said to me recently, “Finance is the worst part of the economy”.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is a field of financial services and products, which use blockchain as a source of trust when transacting, rather than centralised regulatory bodies (governments, banks, exchanges, insurance companies etc). Promises of an open future, permission-less collaboration and constant iteration have fuelled a movement of developers, traders and investors hoping to improve on the broken, centralised system.

As billions of dollars of liquidity pour into this DeFi ecosystem, and new projects pop up faster than any…

DeFi Australia

Conversation between Australians involved in DeFi.

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